Cristina Shupe, PT and Arlene Cavan, PT

To EXISTING PATIENTS and NEW PATIENTS seeking care for pelvic pain and dysfunction:

Cristina Shupe, PT and Arlene Cavan, PT can be reached at :


Phone: (415) 799-1046



Cristina Shupe, PT and Arlene Cavan, PT are both highly skilled with advanced training in the physical therapy evaluation and treatment of female and male chronic pelvic pain, urological, gynecological and sexual dysfunction, postpartum dysfunction and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.  

Cristina and Arlene have established a new physical therapy practice, Calyx Therapeutics, in San Francisco.  Their practice is dedicated to providing ongoing physical therapy to existing patients from Dr. Weiss' practice as well as to new patients who are seeking care for pelvic and orthopedic dysfunctions. 


Cristina and Arlene worked alongside Jerome Weiss, MD as an integral part of The Pacific Center for Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction for nearly a decade. The practice's collaborative approach helped countless patients progress toward pain relief and improved function. 

If you would like to continue your care or you are a new patient seeking care, please contact them by e-mail at or by phone at (415) 799-1046.